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Number 19

Bay Wood. Treated twice with clear 5 star preservative. Lashed four times with Briwax. One sole coated with three coats of matt

interior varnish. 

Vital Statistics: Height 9" Base 6" x 6".


Number 20

Bay Wood. Treated with clear 5 star preservative twice. Lashed four time with Briwax. 

Vital Statistics: Height 11 3/4" Base 3 1/2 x 3 3/4"


Number 21

A Light Wood with beetle tracks. Naturally dried. Treated with three coats of clear 5 star preservative, followed by four covers of wax.

Three coats of matt varnish on the knob. 

Vital Statistics: Height 13 1/2" Base 6" - 5 1/2"



He is apple wood.

He is perfect. 

Dried slowly and in his time. 

Three dressings of 5 star preservative. Stroked and rubbed with four massages of wax.

Love him.

Vital Statistics: Height 16 1/2" Base 4 1/4 - 3" Length Nose to tip of tail 17"



Angular because she is. 

Apple wood. Dried slowly. Three coats of 5 star preservative. Four lashings of wax. Three doses of matt varnish to one limb.

Vital Statistics: Height 15" Base 3- 2 3/4".


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