Weighty, chunky but smooth. No popinjay this light, warm and honest wood. Dried to a turn. Preservative three coats

and waxed four times.

Vital Statistics: Height 12" base 9"



Light wood. Natural shape. Great colours. Three coats of preservative waxed four times.

Vital Statistics: Height 19” base 6 ½”



Beautiful Bay. So erect. Naturally dried. Treated three times with preservative. Four times wonderfully waxed.

Vital Statistics: Height 17 ¼” base diameter 5”



He looks so cheeky. He is going to sail to Philadelphia. He is so beautifully marked and contoured. He is light coloured wood. Dried naturally. Treated with preservative three times. Six - yes six - rubs of wax.

Vital statistics: Height 13 1/2" diameter of base 7 1/4".


There are stumps of wood that are available if you are developing a "stumpery". 

Wood art for the outdoors is available .

Please contact or mobile: 07790607755 

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