Trinkets and Garters

A dark Bay wood. Height 20" Base 4" Width 14". Loads of tentacles laden with trinkets and a garter to arouse your imagination. Treated with three coats of preservative and four coats of Briwax. The base coated with red varnish, the arms matt varnish the splits satin varnish. 


Laburnum 1

Laburnum. Height 27" Width 12" Base 8". Three coats of preservative, four coats of Briwax. Red varnish on the base, knots and crevices  satin and matt varnish.



Ash (For Outdoor Use). Height 39" Base 9" Width 15"

Reptilian Similarity

For outdoor use. Length 48" Height 12" Width 10"


Hawthorn (For outdoor use). Height 40" Width 15" Base 9"

Wood Outside Front Door

For outdoor use. Length 87" Width 9"

Wood at Top of Garden

Hawthorn (For outdoor use). Height 44" Width 18" Base 8".


There are stumps of wood that are available if you are developing a "stumpery". 

Wood art for the outdoors is available .

Please contact or mobile: 07790607755 

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