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Possibly Red Cedar. The back, base and top have been planed. Three coats of preservative, including the aperture. The base and aperture have received four coats of furniture oil. The back, the top and front face have been waxed four times. The removable glass top is six mm toughened float, polished all round.An Art Glass vase, with partial metal base adorns the glass surface (optional).

Vital Statistics: Base length 28”. Widest top depth 10”. Height circa 10”. Widest base 14”.



Mogul's#ReadMyLips campaign began grassroots at over 24 schools such as Yale, Cornell, NYU, Oxford, USC and Wellesley,

and expanded nationwide to millions of women who are passionate about telling the US government to do right by women. is an organisation that insists on safe, fair, and dignified work for women of all kinds. Powered by women the organisation addresses the systemic inequality and injustice in the workplace that have kept underrepresented 

groups from reaching their full potential. They partner with leading advocates for equality and safety to improve laws, employment agreements, and corporate policies; they want to change the face of corporate boardrooms and enable more women (and men) to access the US legal system to hold wrongdoers to account.

#MeToo The Me Too movement is an international movement against sexual harassment and assault, (see the Me Too movement on Wikipedia for updates.) Tarana Burke, a social activist and community organiser, began using the phrase

"Me Too" in 2006, and the phrase was popularised by Alyssa Milano in 2017 when she encouraged women to tweet about it and "give people a sense of the magnitude of the problem". The World Health Organisation estimates that sexual violence affects one third of all women worldwide. 

Bay wood, oozing with Moroccan Red and Dusky Plum.

Naturally dried. Then drenched with three coats of clear 5 star wood preservative. Tops and bottom waxed twice; trunks oiled thrice and then waxed twice.


A White porcelain pedestal.

Vital Statistics: Bay 14” in height with a 5 ¼” base diameter. Pedestal 17” in height with a 7” base.

P.O.A. (20% of sale price will be donated to a domestic abuse charity in Northampton)

Number 2.


Light wood. Naturally dried. Drenched with three coats of wood preservative. Followed by three coats of external varnish.

Tactile with a cheeky face.

Vital Statistics: Height 19” with a 6 ½” base diameter.


A white patterned base – not painted – possibly Edwardian. Height 23” base diameter 5 ½”

Supported by

Four Victorian Floor Tiles, light red, and each 6” square.

All three form an integrated piece.


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